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Ugh [Oct. 9th, 2004|10:36 am]
[mood |cynicalcynical]
[music |Magdalena by A Perfect Circle]

Yeah so... I talked to my mother today and she told me a lot of stuff about my father. My parents divorced like, 3 years ago and he moved to Florida. I've seen him like, once in 3 years, and I've always kinda missed him, but not now. My mom told me that he like, cheated on her three times and how he treated her like shit and everything. I was little and never understood why they were always fighting, but now I feel stupid for being so blind. But can you really expect a 7 year old at the time to grasp the concept of "cheating?" I don't think so. And she told me how sometimes they would go to parties and he'd get drunk and think she was cheating on HIM!! God. He is so stupid. I remember one time, at my moms company pic nic at Coney Island, my mom was playing Bingo with some co-workers and my dad was all drunken like, and dragged her away and made us leave. I had a friend with me too, Amanda Adkins. It was totally embarrassing. That's like, the only memory I have of him actually being irrational like that. I think I was like, 12. Any time before that I don't remember.

But yeah, it made me mad. I kinda got mad at my mom too. I mean, she is dumb for staying with him for so long. I mean, she caught him cheating, and then he was a total dick to my mom and sister. I mean, he treated them like shit and stole from us for money to buy alcohol. What a loser. I'm almost ashamed to be related to him. I almost never want to talk to him again.