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Hey [Aug. 16th, 2004|03:50 pm]
Soooo I last updated this on like, Tuesday night I think. Well, I don't remember Wednesday night... But I do remember Thursday. So here it goes:

Thursday: My sister and I went to the hair salon and I got a trim... It looks nice. Later I went to dance practice, then came home and took a nap. Around 8 or something, Brittany Staci and Al picked me up and we went to Swimmer's party. it was fun, we smoked some, and drank some... Well, we left around 2 or something, and went back to my house. We watched Bio Dome, and Recess and went to bed around 6 am.

Friday: I did some stuff, went to work at 3, got off at 9, took a shower, and hung out with Sam, Clint and Brandon. Then me and Sam went back to my house and he spent the night.

Saturday: Me and Sam met his parents and we went out for lunch. Then somehow we ended up at some kid named Brandon's at 8 or something. I hung out with them for a while, Krystal gave me some of her Mike's Hard Lemonade and the Cranberry Lemonade kind too. It was cool.. we just played video games and drank. yaay. Then me and Sam went to Steak and Shake and he took me home. I hadda be home at 12:30. Stupid mom. Grrr.

Sunday: I went to practice at 2, then to my grandma's, had lunch, came home and did some homework.

Monday: I went to Ian's and helped him write a paper, picked up my pay check, went to burger King and kroger's, came home and watched Pepper Anne. Later tonight me and Sam are going to King's Island. yaaaay.

Tomorrow is gunna suck becuase I work and have dance practice and Im gunna be tired. Wednesday might be cool though, because me and Staci are gunna visit Capital University in Columbus. That's were we wanna go to college. I like it because it has a good Nutrition and Dietetics program. Staci is going for music crap. It'll be fun, I think we're spending the day in Columbus too.

Yeah that's it for now...I'm tried for some reason and I'm gunna take a nap before Sam gets here. Later.
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Shitty [Aug. 10th, 2004|08:42 pm]
Yeah so.... man... where do I begin? Sam and I went to Gatlinburg over the weekend. it was a lot of fun. I was suprised that like, after spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with him that I wasn't annoyed by him or anything. I probably can't say the same for him though. I bet he wanted to kill me or something. But yeah, we did lotsa stuff that I don't feel like typing. One, because there's a lot and two, I'm in a bad mood.

Uhh what was yesterday? Monday. I'm trying to remember what I did.... Oh yeah! I woke up, took my dog to the vet, took her home, went to Mcdonald's and got some burritos, stopped by work to get my schedule, and then I went to the library. I hadda get some lame ass book for AP Euro. Then I got home aorund 11, went to bed, and went to work around 3. I got off at 9, came home, showered, and then Staci came over. Then we went to Swimmer's so I could see Sam and stuff. Swimmer's mom bought me a case of Smirnoff which Sam paid for. Stupid cunt wont lemme buy anything! Damn it! Well... after that, me and Staci just went back to my house. That's when things went downhill. She was like... "OH yeah, Brittany is for sure moving to Tennessee in 2 weeks" Talk about a buzzkill. I was totally bummed. I was really upset but tried not let it show. So I just went to bed.

Then... today.... I went to work at 10. It was okay, I was still bummed from last night though. Well, I decided to send Brittany some texts. (Not a good idea btw) Well, I told her how I thought it was shitty she hadda move her senior year and all. I felt really bad, but things only got worse when she was like.. "Do you want my pipe and what little weed I have?" I lost it man. I just started bawling. I mean... it's her pipe dude. Her pipe. Yeah.... maybe it's a pothead thing. Well, I felt pretty honored man. I said yeah, and that I wouldnt smoke it. Ever. I doubt I will use her pipe either. it'd only make me sad, and it'd force me to reminisce. But yeah... it's really sad. I cried for like, 2 hours straight almost. Needless to say, work sucked, and things only got worse when I went to practice. Kuz you know, dance sucks anywayz, and today was just shitty. Oh, and lastly, before I head BACK to practice, my mom said Brittany could stay with us. She was all for it. Brittany said she mentioned it to her mom, but she didn't say anything. So it wasn't a NO! Which is good. So there's a chance. prolly like, 1 in a million, but there's still a chance! (ha.. like from Dumb and Dumber) But, I'm not gunna get my hopes up. yeah, well, that's it for now... Later
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hdfueworive-potw[ [Aug. 3rd, 2004|10:43 pm]
Okay.... so today wasn't one of my better days. It started out all great and stuff, but it slowly went downhill. I woke up feeling all awake and engergized, and I was even 10 minutes early for work. *GASP* Even after I dumped an entire tray of Honey BBQ wings down my leg and it burned like a bitch, I was still in a good mood. But yeah, as soon as I got to dance practice, I was in a bad mood. Lately some of the bitches on the team have been pissing me off. Bitch Bitch Bitch. That's all they do. I dunno, maybe I deserve it BECAUSE I SUCK! Honestly, I dunno why I bother. I'm not gunna pursue a dancing/performing career once I get out of high school so why even do it? It's my senior year, I should be able to do whatever the hell I want DAMN IT! It sucks, I'm a shitty dancer, and a shitty swimmer, but I think I'd rather swim than dance. But, I can't do both. At least with swimming, you don't have to do teawork, or talk to other people, or "have spirit." You just have to get up on the block, jump in the water, swim really really fast and when you're done you can go home and breathe. With dancing it's all about teamwork. You all have to look the same, move the same and be like one person. Dude fuck that... I hate teamwork. The only thing that sucks about swimming though, is when you see that you're swimming against a really, really, really, REALLY (Emphasis on the really) fat girl and think "dude, she's a fuckin whale, I'll blow her away" and the whale like, laps you three times before ur halfway done with a 25. Talk about embarrassing. Kinda makes you wanna kill yourself a little bit. But not ALL the way.....

Oh yeah, anywayz, the thing that REALLY made me angry today was the fact that my already POS car suddenly died for no apparent reason. I mean, I drove my car to work, and home, and then when I was getting ready to leave for dance, it wouldnt start. I was like.. wtf and hadda drive my moms vehicle. I have no idea whats wrong with the bitch. AAAAAARGH. But dude, I have no idea what Im gunna do. I have 200 dollars in my savings account. I'm praying to god (secretly though kuz Im an atheist :p)that it's just the battery and not... I dunno, something important. But I'm also secretly hoping it's really super fucked up and I get the cavalier. :D I just want a knew car damn it!

Okay well.... I'm gunna go do stuff so.... later

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Random Thought [Aug. 1st, 2004|12:17 pm]
Okay so most everyone knows I'm an atheist, and last night I was thinking... If there is a god and heaven and shit I'm definatly not getting in. But, if by some freak chance I did, I was thinking... I sooo would not be happy there. I mean, everything I enjoy here on earth would be practically outlawed in heaven. You're supposed to be all happy and feeling great in heaven, well I wouldn't be happy without booze or weed man. And what about sex? Can you have sex in heaven? I doubt it. Everything fun is banned. No sex, drugs or alcohol. Without that, what fun is there? I mean, I guess I could spend all my time in a church singing and worshipping and praising jesus. Hallelujah! Sounds like fun right? NOT! St. Peter or whoever the hell lets you in through the gates of heaven definatly wouldnt lemme pass with a case a of triple black and 8th of weed. But, I'm pretty sure I could get into hell with it. All the smirnoff I can drink till I barf, and all the weed I can smoke till I pass out. Fuck yeah! I'm gunna party it up in hell man....
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Bah! [Jul. 31st, 2004|11:56 pm]
Okay so this weekend has officially sucked ass.

Thursday night I hung out with Sam. We did our usual thing and went to steak and shake. My curfew is 12:30, and I came home at like, 1:30 so I got grounded for the weekend. Honestly... who cares? What's the point of a curfew? They're stupid. Man.

Friday I went to Sam's before I went to work at 4. I got off at 9, stopped by Sam's and then went home. My sister went and picked up our puppy today. She is sooo cute! She's a black Lab/Retriever mix. We named her Lacy. My cousin Ashton was also at my house. She was spending the night for some reason.

Saturday was pretty shitty too. Like, I woke up, got ready and went to some crapy parade in Germantown. Then we went to eat at some restaurant called Laff's. When I was little we used to go there ALL the time. Partly because it's a bar and my dad is/was a drunk and my perents liked to embarrass me there. Thy scarred me for life. They always had karoake there and like, even before I could read they would make me get up on the stage and "sing." I remember singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" Isn't that song about drugs? Interesting.... I'm guessing that's why I'm so fucked up now.... *Shakes Fist At Parents* Yeah anywho... after all that, I came home, played with Lacy and took a nap. Then I woke up around 8 and done nothing since then. This sucks. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Later dudes.

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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2004|01:17 pm]
Okay my last post was about Sunday July 18th I think. Well, I really have no recollection of what happened from the Monday the 19th through Thursday the 22nd. It's prolly not that important anyway so I guess I will just start with Friday.

Friday July 23rd- Okay so... I did some stuff I think, and went to work from 4-8. It wasn't that bad. I worked with Brisyn on front counter. And it was cool that I only worked till 8. Normally I hate working front counter and talking to people but I was in a good mood sicne I wasn't working late. I remember some guy was like.... "Did you know you look like Julian Moore?" And I was like... "Yeah I get that, and Susan Surranden and that other sister from Charmed. I can't remember her name right now." I still don't remember her name damn it. Oh well. Whatever. Anywho, I got off work and went to Brittany's. We went and saw "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" Oh man... it was sooo funny! I loved it! it totally advocated smoking weed and it was hilarious. I wanna see it again, and I can't wait till it comes out on DVD. Then me and Brittany went to Sam's. it was so weird, when we got there it was Sam, Swimmer, Kristen North dn The Blockbuster guy. It was so weird seeing the guy from blockbuster... somewhere other than blockbuster. Well, Kristen and the blockbuster guy left, and it was me Sam Swimmer and Brittany. We smoked a bowl or 2 and a joint and me and Brittany left. And that's it.

Saturday July 24th- Saturday I woke up and had really bad cramps. I laid in my moms bed all day. Then around 5 I got in the shower and my cramps went away. Finally. Then I went to Sam's. Brittany Lovely and Nich Isaacs were there. We smoked a little bit and took them home. and Btw... Brittany also said I looked Julianne Moore and Susan Surranden. Interesting... Anywho, I didn't leave Sam's until like 2:30 and I kinda got in trouble.

Sunday July 25th- I woke up went to dance practice, came home, helped mom make some reservations for our trip to Gatlinburg and then back to dance practice for my solo class. Then I came home and me and mom went to Dick's to get some clothes for camp. Then we went HH Gregg and bought a new TV. It's for my moms room. Agter that we went to my Aunt Mary's for a cook out. I hung out with my 2 year old cousin Ashton. She pissed me off though. She kept pulling my hair so I pulled hers back. Stupid kid. Other than that... it was okay. Then I went home and since I had gotten in trouble, I couldnt go out. So I just chilled at home, smoked half a bowl, and wathed a movie with my mom. Then we went to bed.

Monday July 26th- Dance Camp..... Woooo

Tuesday July 27th- More dancing... Yaaay

Wednesday July 28th- Dance Camp still..... then a road trip home. When I got home Brittany, Staci, Elyse and Amy came over. I was happy. I missed my friends. :D Lets see.... we sat around for a while waiting for my mom to go to bed then we partied. We had some Smirnoff Absolut Vodka, and a little bit of weed. Me and Elyse had 4 Smirnoffs, and Brittany and Staci had 5. Me and Brittany also had some vodka/pepsi stuff. It was so awesome. I was soo drunk. lol. We also smoked like, 2 bowls of my weed and it was great. I loved it. Last night was def. the best night of the summer. It was just like old times.. Me Brittany Staci and Elyse. It made me happy.
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It's been a while [Jul. 18th, 2004|01:14 pm]
Okay I think it's been about a week since I last posted. So here goes my feeble attempt to remember the past week. Okaaaay

Sunday July 12th- I woke up, went to dance practice, then my grandmas house, and then me and Kierstyn went to the Middletown mall. We bought key chains and posters and stuff. She got a poster of a bunch of smiley faces, and I got one of Jim Morrison. And I got a shirt that says "The Doors" It's hot. Uhh lets see, I took my mom to McDonald's, then back to dance practice and came home. Well, that night I went to Brittany's because her parents were out of town. We played a hardcore game of strip jenga(Man it was intense)and then Sam dropped off our weed and we smoked like, 2 or 3 bowls. We watched Rules of Attraction, and then we went to get rid of the alcohol and stuff from the other night and stuff. Well, we got back and Sam came back too. Well, everyone went to sleep so it was just me and Sam. We were on our way out at like, 2 but we ended up having sex in the piano room, and then again in Brittany's parents' bed. (her dad is a preacher!! lol) Then around 4 we left. And I think I just went home.

Monday July 13th- I think I woke up, got a shower and went to Wendy's for lunch and then to work. Umm after work I prolly went to Sam's. I don't remember

Tuesday July 14th- Lets see.... I went to work in the morning, then dance practice, tanning bed and home. Then back to dance practice around 9:30 and I went to Sam's. While I was with Sam we went to KFC to give Sarah a joint and then I don't really remember what.

Wednesday July 15th- I woke up really early, like, 8, went to Sam's house to pick him up, but he wasn't awake. Well, finally after ringing the door bell a whole bunch he got up and we went to the airport to pick up my sister. Uhh we picked up my sister, got Chinese, dropped my sister off at our house and we went back to Sam's. We rode around on his motor cycle, had a quickie and I went to work. I worked until 9 and then went to sam's again. I think.

Thursday July 16th- Uhh I woke up went to work, then to K-mart to buy some weights for dance, and then to dance practice. After dance I went to the tanning bed, came home got online and talked to Staci. Well, she came over and we did nothing for a while and then the fun began. We drank a bottle of vodka that was laying around my house and that was fun. I think I was drunk because I was stumbling and I had to crawl up the steps. lol. Well, Sam came over and he was messed up on Zanex and stuff and we went skinny dipping. But it was really waaaay too cold so we went to my bedroom and fooled around. My mom's alarm went off around 4,so I woke sam up and I was like.. "get dressed you gotta go" so he left. And I went to sleep.

Friday July 17th- Okay so.... I woke up around like, noon I think and got a shower and stuff, then went to work. I closed so I was there till 12. It was suprising because usually I leave at 12:30. Closing wasn't that bad because there was actually a lot of us there that night. It was me, Brady, Jason, and John. It was funny, all we did was talk about people and make fun of them. And it's not because we are insecure about ourselves okay!?!!?!? lol. But yeah, I left and went home. I planned on getting changed and sneaking out to go to Sam's but my sister was awake in her room. I knew I'd be in a lot of trouble if she found out I snuck out so I decided to ask if I could "go to Taco Bell to meet Brittany Staci Elyse and Amy because they just got back from the Incubus concert and asked me to meet them there." I even offered to bring her something back and she STILL said NO. I asked her why and she said "It's one o clock in the morning!! Friday night and I didn't have to get up early or anything the next morning. Well, it turned out that Staci ended up comming over and spending the night. She had bought the 8th last Sunday and she had a decent size nug left so we smoked some of that. ....Out of my pop can. :( I don't have a pipe, I needa buy one. But man, the first bowl I packed was a good one. I was so fucked up I could barely tear up the weed to pack the second bowl. But I did. Kuz I'm good like that. Well, we smoked those two bowls, watched Super Troopers and went to bed.

Saturday July 18th- Uhhh I think I woke up, got dressed and went to Sam's around like... 2. We went and saw Anchorman. It was funny, but I don't think I'd go see it again. After the movie we went to my house and waited on my mom and sister to get ready to go to my cousin's 30th birthday party. Because Sam and I are kinda serious, I decided to invite him to meet my family. Oh jeeze.... lol. I'm lucky Sam's family lives in like, Arkansas and Texas and crap so I dont have to meet them. We found the restaurant and my family is retarded and was all like.. "stand up and introduce urself" So he did. My cousin Tammy (the birthday girl) called him "Billabong" because that was the brand of his shirt and my Grandma called him "boy" lol That was funny. I have to admit. She was like... "I need the ketchup boy" "Could you pass the BBQ sauce Sam boy" I was like... "SAM!! HIS NAME IS SAM! Just SAM!!" Then she called me Kierstyn and called Sam a few other names like.. Kieth and Nathan. *sigh* she's crazie. I was kinda shocked though. Sam is really good with names. I told him who everyone was really fast and he was like.. "Okay those kids are "Nathan, Kierstyn, Cole, Riley, Dylan, Ashton, and Brooke." I was like.... "Whoa man ur good... but can you tell me which kid belongs to who?" And he did. He was like.. "Ashton and Brooke are Kieth and Amanda's... Cole Riley and Dylan are Tammy and Mikes, and Nathan and Kierstyn are Kandy's. I was like... "Damn." I don't wanna ever meet his family. lol I barely remember his parents' names. Sandra and Tony. (Sandra is his mom and Tony is his dad lol) But dude... Sam has a big family from what I gather. He's the youngest outta like, 6 kids or so. He has like, 3 or 4 sisters and a brother I think. They're all older though, the youngest one above Sam is 23. Luckily they're in Arkansas or somewhere. *Whew* Ummm after all that we went back home. My mom and sis went to UDF and we went to DQ. Then we went to Sam's. I hung out with Nich, Angie, Dusty and his g.f. We smoked 2 joints and a blunt and Sam took me home. Then I went to bed.

Sunday July 18th- Uhh I woke up went to dance practice, came home, ate lunch, went back to dance practice, and came home. Later I talked to Marlana and Amy. We decided to go to Trader's World and buy a pipe "for tobacco." Marlana is 18 and she offered to like, buy them for me (I'll pay her back) But as it turned out, the big black guy with dered locks didn't even card her. I got a really pretty one, it's the same as Brittany's but like, different designs on it. It's pretty. And there was this "spend 20 bucks and get one free thing" So I got that one, and a funny looking little one. The guy showed me how to do it, but Im curious to see if it works. I'm gunna give Brittany an 8th tonight so we'll prolly smoke a bowl when she comes over. Or I go over to her house, whenever. Oh man, my pipe is soooo pretty I love it. I'm happy today. :D Okay, well Im gunna go eat some dinner. My sister is cooking some... tapia and rice and mixed vegetables and stuff. I love food. Later!!
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The Week In Review.... [Jul. 10th, 2004|06:48 pm]
Sunday July 4th- Wooo Independence Day! The family came over and partied like usual. It was fun, not as bad as I thought it would be. I kinda enjoyed it. Around nine or something I went to fireworks at Kings Island with Staci Brittany and Amy. I got a frozen lemonade (and brain freeze)and rode Delirium. Twas fun. Then went home and went to bed.

Monday July 5th- Uhh I went to work around 3 and worked till 9. Then I forget what....

Tuesday July 6th- Sam and I took my sister to the airport so she could go to Florida to see her grandparents. After that we went back to his house and uhhh yeah. hehe.. We did it in the shower and again after that... Then I went to dance practice and came back. We watched "The Butterfly Effect" And did it again. Then I went home.

Wednesday July 8th- Uhh I worked until 9 and then went to Sam's. Nick, Angie and Denten were there, but we took them home. We bought an eighth later and smoked a bowl. Then we just made out.

Thursday July 9th- I had dance practice till 7 then went to Sam's. Again, Nick, Angie and Denten were there and we smoked two bowls. Nick and I matched, but Denten is a fag and left. Later we took Nick and Angie home, then went back to Sam's. Sam asked me out and then you know....

Friday July 10th/Saturday July 11th- I woke up, went to work (an hour early!!) and worked 3:00-12:30. It sucked. We were soooo busy damn it. Then I picked up Sam and we went to Brittany's party thing. Everyone was drunk when we got there, so we just smoked a bowl. We made out on the couch and decided to go to Steak and Shake in Fields Ertle. Well, as it would happen, we were driving back and I got on South 71 insteada North and we drove for like, 15 mins before we realized we were going the wrong way. Then we went back to his house... Did it in the basement, in his bed and fell asleep around like, 5. Then his dad came in at 6 and was like.. "I need you guys to move ur cars so I can go to work" I was still half asleep when he came in and I didn't care that I was naked under the blankets... Well, we went back to sleep, woke up around 11 and did it again. lol
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Whoa [Jul. 9th, 2004|02:04 pm]
Oh jeeeze. My internet hasn't been working for a week and I have sooo much to type about. I was gunna type all the good great stuff about Sam and how he asked me out yesterday, but no. Not now. Yesterday was supposed to be a good day but, Sarah Turner like, died. It's weird, I wasn't great friends with Sarah, but she was actually someone I knew. You always hear about kids dying in car accidents and think "it won't happen to my friends, or ar my school" (or at least I do) But, it's totally different now. She was someone I knew. When Katie and Brandy died, I was like, "whatever." Because I didn't know them. But whoa... Sarah. I can't help but wonder whose next!!!!

Heh... Sarah and I were always the skinniest girls in school, and I was like, "No no, Sarah Turner's skinnier than me man." But now it's just me. I'm the skinniest.
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Well.... [Jul. 3rd, 2004|09:01 pm]
Heh... today was VERY interesting. I was cleaning out the shed in my backyard today and I saw a wasp. I was like.. "I just won't go near it." Well all of a sudden I felt this uhh sting in my back and I was like, "fuck shit god damn it" and started hitting my back. That damn wasp stung me twice and I didnt even do anything to it. Mother fucker. Well, I went inside and put ice on it and such... It's better now though.
Uhh around 4ish I went over to Sam's. He had to work at 7 so we didn't go to King's Island. (I showed him my wasp stings when I got there and he kissed them. I thought that was sweet.) Sam's a cool kid. I informed him that Jim Morrison died today, 33 years ago, so we decided to celebrate by listening to The Doors. Ironically it was 4:20 and naturally we wanted to get high, but he didn't have any stuff. So we were just like... fuck that and we layed around and "talked" for a few hours.
Have you ever been caught in "the act?" Well, I haven't but Sam and I almost did. We were just laying in his bed talking about going to Subway and his dad walked in. It was funny. I was in my cool ass Superman undies and tank top and Sam was in his boxers. He walked in saying "Sam...." and when he saw us he closed the door. I was just like.. "Uhhhhh oh man" And we just started laffing. Then we went to the bank and Subway... lol. Good times....
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