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Hey [Aug. 16th, 2004|03:50 pm]
Soooo I last updated this on like, Tuesday night I think. Well, I don't remember Wednesday night... But I do remember Thursday. So here it goes:

Thursday: My sister and I went to the hair salon and I got a trim... It looks nice. Later I went to dance practice, then came home and took a nap. Around 8 or something, Brittany Staci and Al picked me up and we went to Swimmer's party. it was fun, we smoked some, and drank some... Well, we left around 2 or something, and went back to my house. We watched Bio Dome, and Recess and went to bed around 6 am.

Friday: I did some stuff, went to work at 3, got off at 9, took a shower, and hung out with Sam, Clint and Brandon. Then me and Sam went back to my house and he spent the night.

Saturday: Me and Sam met his parents and we went out for lunch. Then somehow we ended up at some kid named Brandon's at 8 or something. I hung out with them for a while, Krystal gave me some of her Mike's Hard Lemonade and the Cranberry Lemonade kind too. It was cool.. we just played video games and drank. yaay. Then me and Sam went to Steak and Shake and he took me home. I hadda be home at 12:30. Stupid mom. Grrr.

Sunday: I went to practice at 2, then to my grandma's, had lunch, came home and did some homework.

Monday: I went to Ian's and helped him write a paper, picked up my pay check, went to burger King and kroger's, came home and watched Pepper Anne. Later tonight me and Sam are going to King's Island. yaaaay.

Tomorrow is gunna suck becuase I work and have dance practice and Im gunna be tired. Wednesday might be cool though, because me and Staci are gunna visit Capital University in Columbus. That's were we wanna go to college. I like it because it has a good Nutrition and Dietetics program. Staci is going for music crap. It'll be fun, I think we're spending the day in Columbus too.

Yeah that's it for now...I'm tried for some reason and I'm gunna take a nap before Sam gets here. Later.